NGO Projects

IIKM – CSR- a Corporate Social Responsibility Division initiative was founded with the aim of Corporate –Academia – Social interface through research, consulting, training and live projects. IIKM believes in grooming balanced future managers who are in as much in tune with socially relevant issues and are able to contribute towards upliftment of the society.

The primary objectives of IIKM-CSR is to facilitate a forum wherein the best practices concerning inclusive development, exchange of appropriate technologies, databases, documentaries, success stories and best practices related to tackling social issues by business stakeholders are upheld and disseminated to corporate CSR, NGO’s and other target beneficiaries. All IIKM – MBA 1st year students have to undertake an NGO/CSR projects under this CSR initiative. This project will enhance the students to apply their learning of the first two trimesters in a live scenario, where such inputs are highly valued.

A few optics that have been undertaken by our students are listed below.
  • Health Education Project
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
  • Environment Development Project
  • Acid Awareness Project
  • Disaster Management Project
  • Poverty Reduction Project
  • Water & Sanitation Project
  • Anti Drug and Anti Smoking Addiction Project
  • Education for All Projects
  • Farmer Awareness Project
  • Social & Economical Development Project
  • Sex Worker Employment and Child Sex abuse Project
  • Child & Women Care Project
  • Child Health & Nutrition Project
  • Democracy & Government Project
  • Market & Social Research Project
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health Project
  • Skill Development & Training Project
  • Aged People Rehabilitation Project
  • Awareness of Social Evils

Summer Internship

The summer Internship Program (SIP) aims at widening students’ perspective by providing an exposure to real life organizational situation. Summer Internship is an important and integral part of the academic curriculum. The Summer Internship lasts for 10- 12 weeks and tests the students thoroughly on their learning. These internships give students insight into the practicalities of work in the corporate world across various sectors. During these internships, the students undertake projects under the guidance of company senior executives (project guides) and the Institute mentors (Faculty Guides) closely interact with the students on a week to week basis. The objective of the internship is to enable students to gain first-hand experience in a particular industry. It helps students with ample opportunities to innovate and challenge ideas imbibed in the first year. It also assists students in being more receptive to market needs, and in deciding their area of specialization in the second year.

We are thankful to the following Organizations for giving opportunities to our students to do their SIP placement

Airline Projects

Summer Internship at the Airport- A Double exposure

MBA- Airline and Airport Management Program caters to the personnel requirements s of the fast moving and growing aviation industry by training the students on the different avenues of the industry. Apart from knowledge based class room education an internship at the airport is organized and designed to enable students to explore in detail the nature and functioning of the aviation industry. This internship also provide students with the skills and mindsets that will allow them to operate effectively and build their career.

The direct interaction with both the airport and airline professionals during the period of internships help the students to understand the workings in the aviation industry and the essential skills needed to be successful. The students are exposed to the various sections like cargo management, security systems, baggage handling etc. , and hence get an overall picture of airline and airport planning, operations and management. placement