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In keeping with the philosophy of student-centered learning, the teaching methodology at IIKMT emphasizes the importance of learning through direct experience, which promotes the development of independent learning and key transferable areas. A combination of teacher-supervised and teacher-independent learning activities at the individual and group levels are integrated into the system of learning such that students are optimally involved in assessment of their own progress through faculty and peer feedback.


In the current system of education, where knowledge economy is taking a priority, the quality of education has to conform to global standards. The employers seek skills and competency besides the basic knowledge from their employees. They also expect their employees to be effective right from day one. Realizing that the teaching and learning methods employed by the faculty members have a profound impact on the progression of the students, we have introduced an intense teaching-learning methodology in IIKMT. We expect that the system would develop a deep sense of learning in a relaxed environment and inculcate among the students a lasting learning desire. We also expect that the teaching system would develop skills and competencies along with the values among the students.


It forms the backbone of the system of Continuous Evaluation. The students are expected to have gone through the pre-study material and come prepared for discussion. We visualize that the quantum and quality of learning through discussion would be much superior than simple delivery of the course material in the classroom. The process is intended to identify the following aspects in a student: . Commitment to learning • Regularity to attend classes • Desire to studiously go through the study material and research books, internet, etc. to gain significant knowledge • Ability to present his point of view systematically/ logically • Ability to take criticism • Approach adopted to find solution to a given problem • Communication & Interpersonal Skills


Mentoring is another tool used by IIKM™ to nurture and grow its students. The mentor's job is to promote intentional learning, which includes capacity building through methods such as instructing, coaching, profiling experiences, modeling and advising. Important benefit of this approach is that students are equipped for their life long career progression.


In order to have better understanding of management, a number of industry visits are organized for students in consultation with mentor/ faculty. Students identify the companies as per the course need and submit their report and make presentations.


In keeping with our policy, that each student is exposed to industry/ real life environment to enable each of them to acquire adequate practical skills and competency, the faculty members adopt a mixed approach of testing the students in the areas listed above. The faculty members make the students to do an 'Industry Oriented Project'. The teaching faculty ensures that each student is engaged in at least two activities every year. During this program, each student is observed for the following traits: •Regularity and ability to meet deadlines •Sense of responsibility •Initiative and leadership •Diligence •Social sense and adaptability to practical situations •Further, a student is expected to maintain a organizer, which is an attempt to cultivate the habit of documentation, to develop own thought process, and reasoning abilities.


Seminars are organized by students on a regular basis. Such seminars help students to interact with renowned personalities in different fields, learn from their experiences and imbibe all the inspiration required by them to move ahead in their professional life.


Workshops on various Management skills will help our students to learn how to lead, coach and be an integral part of their work team. Strategic tools for improving team effectiveness are learned and practiced in this hands-on workshop. This particular effort provides the students and the corporate to get an opportunity to enhance their skills. Taking a step further to give an exhaustive coverage to the programmes, the students have initiated workshop on specific subjects/issues which may not be covered in their regular curriculum.


Special English language training will be provided for all the students of IIKM™ for effective communication and writing skills. English speaking is mandatory in the IIKM campuses as a part of language development.


All IIKM™ students have to undergo compulsory Soft Skill Development module on soft skills as Grooming, Etiquettes, Leadership attributes, Effective communication, Resume writing, Interview handling etc. The focus is on enabling students to develop an independent and reflective style of personality that will help them in their careers and their lives.

Language Proficiency, Business Communication, Presentation Skills, Crafting a Professional Impressive Assertiveness, Group Facilitation and Meeting Management Skills, Team building & leadership, Time management, Conflict management, Stress Management, Positive thinking, Removing mental blocks, Relaxation techniques, Killing nervousness in interviews, Group discussions Presentation skills, Clearing Interviews Effortlessly, Public speaking & body language, Handling telephone calls, Concentration and memory techniques, How to dress & impress, Corporate Etiquette


Public Speaking is another effective tool in the teaching methodologies adopted at IIKM. The motive is to prepare the students to be able to speak among a wide audience. This practice instills confidence to communicate effectively for various purposes like motivation, influence, persuasion, or entertaining. Thus the students develop confidence to face the audience.


The minimum attendance requirement for all individual subjects is 80 percentages. Students having less than the prescribed attendance will not be allowed to appear for the University examinations.


It is a mass event that helps students to uncover their extra capacity in areas beyond Programs. By participating in debates, quizzes on management and other cultural activities students contribute to their own excitement and add to their own learning.


Finally, it is the annual convocation that holds the majestic pride of an Institute. It is the grand finale of all the hard work put in by each student and the most promising professionals win laurels in the form of awards.


Examinations will be conducted by the respective universities either in semester or yearly basis. Periodical tests and performance assessment will be conducted by IIKM for awarding Internal Marks wherever is applicable. The students must adhere to the guidelines given by the institution. (Detailed examination pattern will be furnished at the time of admission)


Placement of students is the top priority at IIKM™, and we strive to ensure a 100% record level. We at IIKM™ conduct an extensive research on what gets students the best career. Accordingly, students are groomed in the Life Skills program that gives them an edge when they join any company. We are committed to a successful future and better placement opportunity for all our students. We ensure that students get the best jobs available in the national & international levelsIIKM™ has a placement committee that coordinates all the placement activities and also acts as a liaison between the organization and the students. The committee takes care of the correspondence with the prospective employers, arranging pre-placement confabulations, personal campus interviews and providing other facilities that may be required by visiting organizations. Some of the companies and organizations where our alumni have found their moorings include ICICI, HDFC, Airtel, Bharti AXA, HCL, TCS, Xansa, Verizone, Satyam, Reliance, Union Bank, IOB, RBI, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, UK Trade, Genpact etc.