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R.N Sabu
MBA, M.Phil(PhD)
Executive Director
“A great attitude is the key to one's success”

Life is full of journeys.childhood to adulthood; school to university; working to working better, and learns more. Every one’s journey is unique, reflecting personnel hopes and aspirations. All these journeys require clear path to make sure the journey goes in the direction we want it to go.

IIKM helps you to realize your ambition and reach your destination, wherever that may be. We synchronize considerably the synergy to emphasize quality attitude and strong human values that leads to versatile, personality development, in addition to theory and practical exposure. When we say the road is open as IIKM, we are reflecting our commitments to ensuring the obstacles and barriers that sometimes get in the way can be efficiently managed and overcome. That’s how IIKM thinks and why we do things differently.

We are fortune in this endeavor as we have India’s leading university, the Bharathiyar University which ranked 2nd top university in India. Welcome to one of the top ranked business schools of india within over a decade of educational experience, IIKM emerges as one of the most incredible successful B schools of its kind in India. Our highly qualified, experienced &dedicate faculty members bring most innovative practice, exposures to the class rooms.

The curriculum contains updated business information reflecting the current trends in the business environment. State-of –art infrastructure has been provided to simulate centric learning .Case study methods, research projects,intership, industrial exposure, mentorship, international study tour part of the system, to enhance the quality of learning process. Students are groomed more on to the practical approach than the theoretical way with all these innovative teaching pedagogy

Dr.M.Ramki Murugan
MBA, PhD(Marketing) Director- Academics
IIKM welcomes you with great pleasure as you are joining in a B-School wherein you will not only learn the nuances, intricacies of Business management through regular academic Faculty Members but also will get exposed to the practical aspects of managing a business by the corporate experienced managers from industry as Visiting Faculty members.

IIKM has 90% of its faculty members are well experienced professional managers from different type of industries with the background of IIM/IIT qualifications and this is one of the USPs of IIKM.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a life time” – Chinese proverb.

At IIKM, that’s what we facilitate our students learn more from experienced corporate professional managers so as to equip themselves with necessary wherewithal to face the challenges in the industry.

In today’s business environment the challenges are plenty and after the advent of E-Commerce Business in India, there is a paradigm shift taking place in doing business and it requires managers those who are fully equipped with both theory and practical knowledge. IIKM moulds you successfully to fit in to the current situation.

“If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake”. – Bill gates.

“What is Apple, after all? Apple is about people who think ‘Outside the box’, people who want to use computers to help them change the world to help them create things that make a difference and not just to get a job done”. – Steve Jobs.

“To double your income, triple your investment in self development” – Robin Sharma

Yes, don’t die poor, join IIKM, learn how to make a difference in the corporate world by tripling your investment in self development. I once again welcome you whole heartedly to witness the serendipity.

Gladys P.E. Isaac
Dean IIKM Business School
Dear Prospective student

Why an MBA? This could be the question uppermost in the minds of prospective students. The first reason could be it provides better career opportunities. Secondly, you could get a higher salary than any other with an ordinary Master’s Degree, thirdly you get exposed to great net working opportunities through interactions with teachers, researchers, business people who could be potential employers and so on and of course new skills and knowledge acquisition which would keep pushing you to achieve greater heights.

We at IIKM Calicut are determined to provide students in Malabar with a platform and a jumping board to propel them into the corporate world. Our aim is to develop in them the edge required to excel, whether it be marketing, administration, finance or Hr. We strive to evolve a potential B’School graduate with a difference. Knowledge is a treasure which no one can steal or take away so let IIKM help you hoard it.

Prof.Sathish Kumar
MA (English), MBA
Management education is all equipping and empowering students with life skills, fundamental management knowledge, and information regarding the prevailing business environment in addition to transformation of the student into a responsible and competent corporate citizen. After all, MBAs are preferred by organisations for their apparent ability to structure unstructured situations. Moreover, management education should empower the students to turn mirrors into windows.

The professional courses offered at IIKM are aimed at enhancing and sharpening the technical, human and conceptual skills necessary to become a successful professional. We adopt a student-centric learning approach comprising of several stages of instruction and evaluation thereby adding significant value to the learner’s understanding of management concepts in an integrated manner. From the skills perspective, we focus on enhancing the soft skills and technical skills, conceptual enlightenment, positive attitude alignment and clarity of thought. Our course delivery at B-schools comprise of classroom instruction, case-studies, live projects and reading seminars. Faculty members and trainers at IIKM customize the live project and reading seminar topics keeping in view the learners’ understanding. In addition, our faculties focus on slow learners by taking extra tutorial sessions to develop their understanding of the course.

M.Com, MBA
Excellence is an art mastered by training and habituation . For todays global economy , it is important to raise the bar of excellence even higher since todays students must be prepared to compete effectively in an increasingly complex global market.

IIKM Business School is a new generation institution geared to create a powerful resource base of budding business managers and software application specialists.Expert faculties drawn from industry and academic are the catalysts to the learning on campus and facilitate valuable exposure to real life situations and solutions. We train and empower the students with modern methods of teaching , well equipped computer lab , library facilities and hands-on practical exposure through live projects, case studies and internships.