The business environment is witnessing unprecedented changes, creating new opportunities and challenges in the process. Paradigms are shifting in every industry and in every economy. New knowledge and skills are required to achieve success in this time of transition. With increasing demands on aviation business; executives to stay relevant, embrace new technologies and manage stakeholder expectations.
India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world. With the liberalization of the Indian aviation sector, the industry had witnessed a transformation with the entry of the new private airlines and low cost carriers. The sector has also seen a significant increase in number of domestic air travel passengers. The aviation Industry in India is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of over 25%. Aviation and Airport are in for exponential growth. The aviation industry supports over 2 million jobs across 5 continents. Many airline jobs are well-paying & offer prestige as well as excitement and fantastic job opportunities. Airlines and Airport operations are the very dynamic business fields with millions of passengers are travelling through thousands of flights every day, touching hundreds of Airports Worldwide. Aviation is a fun, exciting industry with great growth prospects. It is also the kind of industry that offers fantastic international job prospects.
IIKM Business School offer postgraduate students the opportunity to augment their skills and knowledge, with training from some of the world’s leading aviation professionals. Our objective at IIKM is to develop professionals who can lead and foster creativity and innovation in a dynamic technological environment with a strong focus on optimizing profits and shareholder value. IIKM’s MBA programmes are designed to provide you with both the theoretical foundations on subjects and the knowledge to apply your skills to the best effect in a real-time environment. MBA (Airlines & Airport Management) is a unique course comprising both management concepts as well as best Airline & Airport practices. The curriculum is well balanced with theory and practical knowledge to mould up young budding managers to capture greater heights in aviation industry.

Airline Airport Management Modules

Live Internships at Airports
IIKM Business School made arrangements with Chennai Airport- Airport Authority of India; were the students of MBA Airlines & Airport Management going through various functions of Airport which will gain real time exposure and hands on experience on their selected field.
Airline Operations
This outlines the organisation of the airline industry and the various factors that affect the management and operation of international and regional carriers. The problems of financing airline operations and investment and the different marketing strategies used by airline businesses are also introduced. The interdependence between airlines, aircraft manufacturers and airport authorities is explored.
Airport Operations
The module views airports as complex systems aimed at delivering a service to passengers and air freight. The main operational procedures for handling air cargo and passenger throughput in airport terminals are presented. The module also explores how physical characteristics impose constraints on aircrafts, the services provided to airlines, to passengers in the terminal buildings and to air cargo companies. Students will be introduced to the design and management problems relating to these facilities.
Aviation Strategy
This introduces students to the theories and practice of strategic planning & management and explores the application of business strategy principles to the aviation industry with specific reference to current developments in international and national aviation businesses. Methods of analysing resources and strategic capability through internal and external audit, and generating, evaluating and selecting options in relation to an organisation’s structure and strategy, are explored. Finally, the module provides an introduction to the problems inherent in strategy implementation.

Global Issues in the Airline Industry

This provides students the opportunity to explore a wide range of topical issues that affect the operation and management of an airline and the development of the industry as a whole. These include advances in technology, human factors, political and environmental issues. Guest lectures by experts that include industry-based specialists form the basis of the teaching element of this module. Students are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of particular topics covered in the module through an in-depth research study, based on which they are assessed.
The MBA Airline & Airport Management program is targeted towards meeting the need in the aviation industry for qualified officers & managers who have specialized training in this profession. Practical trainings are providing in leading airports & airlines. Students will have the ability to investigate first hand areas of airport management, leasing, control of ground vehicles, communication system, airport security, fire and rescue services, terminal planning and management and airport maintenance. The Airline & Airport management course has been developed to provide students proficiency in all areas of airport operations. This educational qualification attracts the students for many career opportunities in the field of airport & airline management and operations.