IIKM Business School’s unique Centre for Career Coaching & Mentoring (CCM), the first of its kind in India to support both student's and professionals. It is a student-centric development innovation where performance enhancement is accomplished through administration of assessment instruments followed by individual coaching with the help of psychometrical analysis.

How Mentoring Help?

Mentoring is one of the tools used by IIKM to nurture and grow its students. The mentor's job is to promote intentional learning, which include capacity building through methods such as instructing, coaching, profiling experiences, modeling and advising. Our Mentors understand the student’s true potential, and help them get clarity to attain career and life goals. Important benefit of this approach is that students are equipped for their life long career progression.

Students need someone to help and motivate them along the way. Maybe they need a ‘secret-ally’ to support them and boost their confidence. This ‘secret-ally’ is the Career Coach. Students need coaching when they are deliberating over a number of career options and need clarification about what they want from their career and how to attain it.

Career Coaches clarify students career goals as well as develop and implement a strategy to achieve them. It helps in unlocking a person’s potential to maximize his/her own performance. Career Coaching also helps in reduction of the attrition rate of employed managers by enabling a better fit for the recruiters’ needs.